Ukraine. Rains replenished soil moisture stocks in the winter rapeseed fields


First ten days of October were moderately warm. Average air temperature fluctuated within +9..+15.8°С. In the Western and Northern region it was 4-8°С higher than the norm and in the East and South - 1-2,5°С lower than norm. Minimum temperature decreased to 0..+7.3°С. Rains were seen almost across all the territory of the country.

In Kherson region passing of average daily temperature through + 15ºС downwards (the end of meteorological summer) was observed on September, 20, which was 4-9 days earlier than average multiyear norms and  16-17 days earlier than in 2015. Soil moisture stocks in the winter rapeseed fields (0-20 cm soil layer) were not satisfactory totaling 8-9 mm, in the South-West and North of Kherson region soil moisture stocks were also not sufficient  - 16-18 mm and at the rest of the territory they formed within - 21-26 mm.

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