Ukraine. Rapeseed condition suggests good winter survival


Last week’s weather featured low night temperatures (down to -15ºC) early in the week with adequate snow cover (up to 10-23 cm), a sharp brief (2 days) rise in average daily temperatures to 5ºC in the south with full snow melting, their sharp drop to 2-5ºC below zero on December 11-13 with simultaneous formation of up to 4-23 cm-high snow cover, reports UkrAgroConsult.

By December 15, the soil had frozen to a depth of 14-19 cm in the south, with a temperature of -3.6..-4.7ºC near the tillering node. The respective values for the rest of Ukraine are 4-7 cm and 0 to -1ºC in the north, 10-13 cm and -2..-5ºC in the west; 5-15 cm and -1..-4ºC in the east.

Winter rape plants accumulated 31-40% of sugars prior to entering the dormancy period – this is enough for their good winter survival. Overall, Ukrainian winter crops are in a much better condition than last year.

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