Ukraine. Rapeseed crushing fell to the 2013/14 level


As expected, the current 2016/17 season did not feature significant crushing volumes. Due to a crop slump around the world, including Europe and Ukraine, rapeseed was in enormous demand from exporters, who could constantly raise export prices in view of growing global quotations.

As a result, domestic crushers were forced to recede their position and reduce crushing. However, nobody could foresee such an abrupt fall. So, according to UkrAgroConsult’s estimates, just 170 KMT of rapeseed will be processed in the country for the whole season. This is half as much as last season. In other words, the processing volume closed to the 2013/14 level.

However, the rapeseed crop decline was not the only contributor to the drop in crushing…

With regard to the new season’s outlook, it is quite optimistic as of today. In addition, UkrAgroConsult predicts domestic crushing to expand as well as production and exports of rapeseed oil and meal will grow correspondingly.

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Further prospects of the Black Sea oilseeds/vegoils market will be discussed at the V International Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade”, which will take place on September 19, 2017 in Hilton hotel, Kiev, Ukraine.



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