Ukraine. Rapeseed crushing started falling in the latter half of the season


Rape oil production fell to 0.777 KMT in February 2018, i.e. by 20% against January 2018 and by 20% against February 2017 (0.947 KMT).

At the same time, production in the first eight months of the current 2017/18 marketing year was up 25.7% year-on-year, reports UkrAgroConsult.

So, 81.0 KMT of rape oil was made in July-February 2017/18 against 64.5 KMT a year ago. The reason lay in active processing of this oilseed in August-September 2017. In addition, crushers already made 21.5% more rape oil in the first eight months of MY 2017/18 than for the entire 2016/17 (66.7 KMT).

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