Ukraine. Rapeseed oil production halved this season


Ukraine’s large and medium-sized crushers produced 2 KMT of rapeseed oil in November 2016 against 2.9 KMT in October 2016 and 12.2 KMT in November 2015. This is the smallest November rapeseed oil production in last four seasons, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Large and medium-sized crushers in Ukraine had made 59.1 KMT of rapeseed oil by the reporting date in 2016/17, or nearly 50% less than in the same period last season (121.7 KMT).

The decline in rapeseed oil output looks natural in view of a 2016/17 rapeseed harvest slump by over 30% from the previous season, UkrAgroConsult notes. Another factor behind the decline is active raw material exports in the first months of the marketing year, when more than 82% of the season’s overall export potential was realized.



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