Ukraine. Rapeseed profit margin and prices gladden. For how long?


Yulia Garkavenkois an oilseed and vegoil market leading expert of "UkrAgroConsult"

Rapeseed harvesting is complete in Ukraine. According to UkrAgroConsult estimates, rapeseed production is likely to be 30% lower than last year. Reduction of harvesting area due to significant winter rapeseed losses (234 Th ha) was the main reason for production decline. Nevertheless, rapeseed average yields appeared to be higher than expected and even higher than last year.

Certainly, reduction of rapeseed harvest in Ukraine, Europe and world could not but influence rapeseed prices.

domestic canola pricesIn July-August domestic prices for this early oil crop were announced at a level than much higher than last year. Ukrainian rapeseed prices are gradually rising, following the global trend.

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