Ukraine. Resignation of ag minister


Agriculture and food minister Taras Kutovy has announced his resignation.

The media published a copy of Kutovy’s request to Parliament Chairman Andriy Parubiy to consider his resignation. The minister refers to   Paragraph 12 of Article 85 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which rules that the resignation of ministers is within the purview of the Parliament.

The Verkhovna Rada (Parliament) has not yet decided on his resignation, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In addition, the Parliament has not yet heard the government’s report on whose results the Cabinet’s work is recognized as satisfactory or unsatisfactory and the decision on vote of confidence/non-confidence is made (the constitutional term for its consideration is early May).

Proceeding from the above, it does not necessarily mean that the minister’s resignation will happen in the near future. The parliament members may “bind” it to the decision on the whole Cabinet, or may just reject it.

The media suggest the following reasons for the resignation: controversies between the minister and the Premier; uncoordinated work of the minister and his first deputy; differences between the land reform concepts proposed by the Cabinet and the relevant Ministry; failures in managing Ukraine’s spirit and forestry state agencies etc.

However, a somewhat different explanation is set out on the sidelines of the relevant parliamentary committee. They say the statement of resignation is a sign of an upcoming reshuffle of power, in which the minister does not want to visibly participate. The commenters do not specify the form of the predicted reshuffle, but they rule out neither shake-up of the existing Cabinet, nor snap elections.

In this context, the resignation statement can be considered as an actually win-win step, which will allow its author to preserve unspotted reputation for fitting in with any other future political establishment, without risking to “lose face” in the current government.



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