Ukraine. Rostok-Holding finished harvesting oilseeds


Farmers of Rostok-Holding have finished harvesting oilseeds, in particular sunseed and soybeans, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to the company, sunseed was harvested from 12.4 Th ha (12.8 Th ha in 2016). Its crop amounted to 34.6 KMT with an average yield of 2.8 MT/ha (2.7 MT/ha in 2016).

Soybeans were harvested from 5.2 Th ha (5.1 Th ha) with a crop of 12.6 KMT and an average yield of 2.4 MT/ha (3.5 MT/ha was in 2016).

The company emphasized that these figures are above Ukraine’s average: sunseed yield in Ukraine equaled 2.0 MT/ha (from 90% of planted area) and soybean yield averaged 1.9 MT/ha (from 75%).



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