Ukraine. Rostok-Holding to expand soya plantings


Farms of Rostok-Holding Group are fully prepared to conduct spring fieldwork. They intend to seed some 50 Th ha to crops such as corn, soya, sunflower, barley and peas, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In particular, the group is planning to sow 22.5 Th ha of corn against 21.5 Th ha in 2017, 9.6 Th ha of soya (5.2 Th ha in 2017) and 9.6 Th ha of sunflower (12.4 Th ha in 2017), 5.2 Th ha of barley (3.3 Th ha in 2017) and 1.2 Th ha of peas (1.0 Th ha in 2017). Its fodder plantings and fallow areas will total some 1.4 Th ha.

Overall, corn accounts for 40% of the group’s cropped area, soya for 17%, sunflower for 17%, winter wheat for 12%, spring barley for 9%, fodder and other crops for 5%.



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