Ukraine. Slow growth was observed in winter grains


It was unusually warm on March 1-6, with light precipitation as sleet and rain.

The average daily temperature was within the range from 3.50С below freezing to 6.50С above zero, i.e. it exceeded the normal level by 1-80С. The highest air temperature on the warmest days reached +5-90С, even +10-150С in the south of the country. The lowest air temperature on the coldest nights bottomed out at -3-70С, even at -8-120С in the northern and eastern regions.

Light precipitation in the form of drizzle, rain, sleet occurred all over the country. Depending on the region, its amount ranged from 2 to 8 mm. Winter grains in early March were in light dormancy, even slow growth was observed in their plants on some days when daytime air temperature exceeded +50С.

Winter wheat plants are in the stage of tillering with their height ranging from 18 to 21 cm and crop condition being mostly good.

Overall, winter grains spent the winter in fair weather conditions: they were exposed to no dangerous events in the fall and winter, reports UkrAgroConsult.

A survey of winter grains showed that the plants in most fields are in good and fair condition. Leaf blades and single tillers in some varieties of winter wheat and barley are partially damaged. However, the damage degree does not exceed 1-3% that is equivalent to natural plant loss after the winter.

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