Ukraine. Soil moisture supply still too short for planting winter crops


The weather after September 10 featured on average nearly normal temperatures in most of the country. Also, effective precipitation occurred in many areas, except from the south – the latter was dry and hot almost like in summer. The soil surface temperature dropped to 2-8°С at cool nights.

According to the Irrigated Farming Institute, a long period of hot, dry weather aggravated soil and air drought in the southern regions last week. The one-meter soil layer almost dried up that has an adverse impact on ripening of late crops, tillage and planting of winter crops. Corn is at full and wax ripeness, locally at milk ripeness in late-sown fields. Corn crops are in fair condition in north Ukraine. As of September 15, 50-55% of plants of early-ripening hybrids were physiologically mature. Mid-early hybrids with a longer growing season are at the stage of wax grain ripeness, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Downpours occurred all over the east of the country. The topsoil (0-10 cm) contained 7-19 mm of productive moisture in 80% of the fields earmarked for planting winter cereals. In the western and northern regions, its content in the 0-20-cm layer was insufficient (below 20 mm) in most areas intended for winter crops. Winter crops are expected to be sown roughly within normal timeframe all over the country.  

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