Ukraine. Sorghum production profitability close to 200%


Poor and saline soils are suitable for sorghum production, and the cumulative costs per 1 ha of crops at a yield of 10-15 t/ha allow achieving high profitability of production, write.

According to Yaroslav Bardin, Director General of the Ukrsorgo Scientific and Production Society, a culture can do without water for a long time, thanks to which it is also called a camel among grains.

"The total cost of growing sorghum is a maximum of USD 400 per hectare, so harvesting 10–15 tons of grain per hectare farmers will receive a cost of one ton between USD 25–40. At the same time, the lowest purchase price of sorghum from the field is more than USD 100 per ton, hence the crop profitability is not less than 200%," the specialist notes.


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