Ukraine. Sowing of early grains and pulses started in the South and West


The weather conditions that settled during last week are beneficial for the further development of winter cereals because vast areas of their plantings entered the winter in a weakened physiological state, non-tillered. Optimum hydrothermal conditions have developed now for completing this process. The signs of the early resumption of spring growth include rapid regeneration of plants and their accelerated gain in size, effective establishment and tillering. The appearance of winter cereals has not changed since last week. Where sown within optimum timeframes, crops are in the tillering stage. Late-sown ones are in the stage of 1-2 leaves, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The temperature rise over the past week allowed farmers to intensify spring field work. Planting of early cereals and pulses began in the southern and western regions. According to the Ag Ministry, growers had fertilized 2538.2 Th ha (36%) of winter cereals by March 10 against 4252.0 Th ha (64%) as of this date last year.

By the reporting date early grains and pulses had been sown at 31 Th ha or 1% out of the forecasted 2402 Th ha. This included 18 KMT of spring barley (from the planned 1728 Th ha), peas – 11 KMT (276 Th ha), oats – 2 Th ha (208 Th ha), spring wheat – 1 Th ha (190 Th ha).

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