Ukraine. Sparse winter crops observed in some fields


Drought ceased on vast expanses in central, northern and western parts of the southern regions owing to high precipitation rates. Even too wet topsoil was observed in some parts of the western regions. Soil drought of various intensities persisted across winter crops in the eastern half of the country, where precipitation was mostly insignificant. The top soil layer remained absolutely dry in some of those areas. Consequently, the fall growing conditions were difficult for winter crops there, resulting in an emergence delay and sparse seedlings. Heavy rainfalls hampered the completion of fall planting and harvesting in some areas. In addition, low air and soil temperatures along with frost events slowed down the development of seeded winter crops.

Depending on the planting time, winter crops were at the stages of germination, emergence, three leaves and nodal roots. Tillering of winter wheat and winter rye has begun in some fields across the southern, central and northern regions. Dryness has resulted in sparse plantings in some fields across the central, eastern and northern regions, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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