Ukraine. Spring cold snaps caused a delay in crop development


The cool, lingering spring of 2017 caused on average a 12-14-day delay in growth and development of most crops compared with the previous years, reports UkrAgroConsult.

At the same time, crops are generally in good and fair condition. Winter wheat is at the stage of early heading, while early-sown wheat of early-ripening cultivars is at flowering. Winter barley is at the stages of heading and flowering.

Plants of winter wheat are at the end of the 7th stage of organogenesis. Plant height is at 68 - 70 cm.

Early spring cereals (barley, oats, wheat and triticale) are at the beginning of the 6th stage of organogenesis. Plant height is 30-42 cm; the growing point is 6.0-8.0-mm long.

Corn crops are mostly in good and fair condition. Depending on the sowing date, plants are at the stages of 3-7 leaves. Frost-damaged leaves were observed in corn plants in some parts of the central, northern and southern regions.

More information on crop conditions and progress of planting campaign in the countries of Black Sea Region is available to subscribers for weekly market report "Black Sea Grain & Oil" by UkrAgroConsult.



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