Ukraine. Spring wheat and barley entered the grain filling stage


It was moderately warm after June 10. Rains of various intensities fell in isolated areas. Precipitation occurred mostly in the form of showers. Rain fell onto dry, heated ground that entailed substantial evaporation of water already within the first hours after the fall. Therefore these rains failed to adequately replenish moisture content in the topsoil, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter cereals are mostly in good condition. Winter wheat plants are at the stage of grain formation. Plantings of early spring cereals are at the 9th development stage (flowering), while barley is at the beginning of the 10th stage. Corn crops are in good condition. They are currently at the development stage of 7 leaves.

The Grain Crops Institute reports further yellowing and dying of lower leaves in plants of spring spiked cereals and pulse crops. Spring barley and wheat have entered the stages of heading and grain filling, while pea plants are at the pod formation and grain filling stages.

Overall, crops of spring cereals and pulses are in fair condition, but an optimum combination of temperatures and precipitation rates will somewhat improve plant growth and development as well as grain formation and filling.

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