Ukraine stepped up agricultural product exports by 16.3%


The foreign trade in agricultural and food goods amounted to $22.6 Bl in 2017, including over $17.9 Bl of exports. This is up 16.3% from 2016, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to Ad Ministry’ data, crop product exports increased by $2.1 Bl to $16.7 Bl, while animal product supplies in monetary value rose by $371.4 Ml to almost $1.3 Bl.

The ranking of agricultural and food products exported from Ukraine is topped by grains with a 36.2% share. They are followed by vegetable oils (25.1%) and oilseeds (11.3%).

In addition, the upturn in Ukrainian exports results from higher shipments of processed and food products. The matter concerns exports of butter, which gained $92.2 Ml against 2016, sugar (up $49.7 Ml), malt extracts, flour products and groats (up $48.8 Ml), fresh or cooled pulse vegetables (up $44.3 Ml), frozen beef (up $39.2 Ml).

The 2017 top five buyers of Ukrainian agricultural and food products (each of which imported more than $1 Bl worth) include India, the Netherlands, Egypt, Spain and China. Asian countries absorbed 42.6% of exports, the European Union accounted for 32.4%, Africa for 14.2%, CIS for 7.6%, the USA for 0.4% and other countries for 2.8%.



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