Ukraine still experiencing soil moisture shortage


On June 1-8, topsoil moisture supply remained extremely low. Minor rainfalls occurred in most of Ukraine, but they were ineffective for crop growing, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Besides this, the weather remained largely unfavorable for crop growing in most of the country because of day and night fluctuation of air temperatures.

The average air temperatures were 0.4-2.80С below normal on the first days of June but exceeded normal values by 1.5-4.00С towards June 9, when they equaled +15.3-22.90С. The highest air temperature on the warmest days reached +27-320С. The ground surface heated to +49-600С at the time. The lowest air temperature on the coldest days fell to +5-130С. The ground surface cooled down to +3-80С at the time.

Minor rainfalls occurred almost all over the country, totaling 1.0-28.8 mm. However, actually no effective precipitation was seen over this past week. On June 5-6, Kherson, Dnipropetrovsk, Odesa, Lviv regions received precipitation in the form of intense showers accompanied by thunderstorms and squall winds. Kherson region even saw hail. The average air humidity equaled 50-57%, while its minimum value was at 25-32%.

Scarcity of soil moisture has caused premature die-off of lower-tier leaves, as well as partial rolling up of top leaf blades. On average, winter wheat plants have 2-2.5 functional leaves left. First of all, this concerns early-seeded wheat after the best preceding crops, as its well-developed plants better used soil moisture.

As of today, winter cereals are still in good and fair condition.

Rain of various intensities is expected in most of the country this week, but only the western and central regions of Ukraine are to receive more effective precipitation. 

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