Ukraine. Sunflower crops in fair condition


Following a long period of dry, hot weather between August 1-20, it has been moderately warm and partly cloudy over the last week. A gradual air temperature decrease by 5-8°С and rains of various intensities were registered at the time.

Late crops completed growth prematurely in the central, southern and south-eastern regions, where soil moisture content had been exhausted almost totally both in the upper and deeper layers in view of extraordinarily high air and soil temperatures. So, the period of head formation in sunflower shrank almost by half, but the diameter of its heads reached the size needed for a medium yield in most fields, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Sunflower was at the seed ripening stage in most areas. It already reached harvest maturity in many fields in the south and some of the central and eastern regions. Farmers began harvesting this crop. Sunflower plants are mostly in fair condition.

Bean formation and ripening continue in soya plantings. Daytime drooping of plants and yellowing of lower layer leaves were locally observed in the southern, central and northern regions due to dryness.

Sunseed was harvested from 157.7 Th ha (3% of the planned 5937.2 Th ha) by September 4. Its crop amounted to 241.7 KMT with a yield of 1.53 MT/ha. The harvest progress lag behind 2016 decreased considerably to 8.1% this past week. The yield also improved, but is 18.2% lower than last year (1.87 MT/ha).

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