Ukraine. Sunseed exports close to an abysmal low


Ukraine exported 3.8 KMT of sunseed in February 2018 that is up 58% from the previous month but down 67% from February 2017 (11.5 KMT). Exports statistics for September-December 2017/18 are much poorer than a year ago: 22.5 KMT against 149.6 KMT, respectively.

Due to a sunseed crop shortfall and tough competition from domestic crushers, Ukrainian sunseed exports at the time were at a lowest level since the 2005/06 season, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The current marketing year 2017/18 witnesses a decrease in the number of sunseed importing countries (32 against 59 in MY 2016/17) and a slump in shipments to traditional buyers. As before, Ukrainian sunseed is supplied mostly to the EU (82% of total exports). At the same time, 6% goes to Turkey, 3% to Lebanon, and 2% is imported by Georgia.



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