Ukraine. Sunseed stocks are lower than last year


According to State statistics data, stocks of sunseed in Ukraine as of September, 1 2016 were 707.6 KMT, which was 2.2% lower than as of the same date last year (723.4 KMT), informs UkrAgroConsult. Agro companies had 504.8 KMT and storing plants with crushing capacities – 202.8 KMT.

Crushing plants increased sunseed stocks by 5.7% (202.8 KMT against 191.9 KMT as of September, 1 2015)

Soybean stocks lowered by more than 32% (60 KMT against 88.8 KMT), rapeseed – more than 25% (464.9 KMT against 627.1 KMT).



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