Ukraine. The condition of winter rape is good and fair


The average daily air temperature after October 20 varied from +5.30С to +14.50С (2.9-6.70С above normal), up to +13.7-15.90С in the southern, Kirovohrad, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk regions. The highest air temperature reached 15.2-16.00С in the western regions, 20.0-21.30С in the north, 23.0-25.00С in the eastern and central regions, and 21.0-26.00С in the south. The ground surface in the south warmed to +34-390С in the daytime. The lowest air temperature at night ranged from +3-80С (in the south) to -20С, while the ground surface became as cold as 00С to -30С (in the east). Almost no precipitation occurred over the country this past week, except for minor rain (2 to 5 mm) in Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Chernihiv regions. The western regions received 33.1 mm of precipitation in the form of rain and sleet.

Winter rape is still at the stage of leaf rosettes. Its condition is good and fair. Due to drought, sparse crops are reported in single areas in the central part of Kherson region, as well as premature yellowing of lower-tier leaves in its east. Topsoil (0-20 cm) productive moisture in winter rape plantings is at a very low level of 2-5 mm.

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