Ukraine. The demand for condensed milk is growing

At the end of summer, after a long period of extremely low demand, Ukrainian producers of condensed milk were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief. Although the domestic retail chains have not yet increased their orders, many importers have decided to replenish their canned food by activating purchases. – INFAGRO
It is too early to speak about price growth, but devaluation of hryvnia was for the benefit of the condensed milk producers as most of them are exporters.
The condenced milk producing plants most likely will try to raise prices for their products in September, but mainly for the domestic market.
The increase in demand for condensed milk is also indicated by the growth of its production after a significant reduction in spring. Last month production of canned milk increased by an additional 18% to 6.2 thousand tonnes, which is almost the same as the output of 2017. This is not bad, given that in previous months, the output was significantly behind the figures for the same period of last year.
Operators suggest that in August-September the trend in the growth of canned milk production will continue, although in general for the year the results will be worse in comparison with 2017.

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