Ukraine threshes 19 mln tonnes of early grain and legumes by July 23


Ukraine as of July 23 had threshed 18.9 million tonnes of early grain and leguminous crops from 6 million hectares (62% of the forecast for these crops) with the yield being 31.7 centners per ha.

According to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, farmers harvested 14.3 million tonnes of winter wheat from 4.2 million hectares (67% of the forecast) with the yield of 33.9 centners/ha, 30,000 tonnes of spring wheat from 13,000 hectares (7%) with a yield of 22.8 centners/ha, 2.9 million tonnes of winter barley from 813,000 hectares (98%) with the yield being 35.1 centners per ha, 1.1 million tonnes of spring barley from 563,000 hectares (37%) with a yield of 19.6 centners/ha, and 510,000 tonnes of peas from 306,000 hectares (72%) with a yield of 16.7 centners/ha.

The country also collected 60,000 tonnes of rye from 25,000 hectares (17%) with a yield of 23.5 centners/ha and 13,000 tonnes of oats from 8,000 hectares (4.1%) with a yield of 16.6 centners/ha.

In addition, farmers threshed 2.3 million tonnes of winter rapeseeds from 878,000 hectares (90%) with a yield of 25.7 centners per ha and 10,300 tonnes of spring rapeseeds from 6,000 hectares (11.3%) with the yield standing at 16.6 centners/ha.

Agrarians in Odesa region completed wheat harvesting on July 23.


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