Ukraine to continue topping the list of Black Sea grain exporters


The harvest of early cereals is over in Ukraine, and market participants are generally glad with its results. In particular, despite adverse weather conditions, barley and rye yields in Ukraine hit new highs this year.

So, despite a 13% decrease in Ukrainian plantings of barley, its crop was at the five-year average.

The wheat harvest outcomes were also greater than expected by the market. Firstly, although wheat plantings were somewhat reduced in favor of oilseeds, a larger area of wheat survived the winter than last year. Secondly, in UkrAgroConsult’s opinion, the yield is not far below last year’s record.

In addition, as the crop of pulses also increased in the country (UkrAgroConsult mentioned this in the previous issue) and a rise is expected in the gross production of some niche cereals (rye, buckwheat), Ukraine’s total grain output may exceed 63 MMT – down just a bit (-1.5%) from last year’s record.

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