Ukraine to harvest more wheat and barley in 2018


The spring has come to Ukraine. Although it is here only according to the calendar yet, some conclusions can already be drawn about loss and condition of winter cereals after the winter.

Noteworthy, frost in Ukraine is predicted to stay for another couple days: air temperatures are predicted to start gradually increasing to above-zero values in most of the country as soon as March 7.

As UkrAgroConsult wrote before, the cold spell has posed no threat to Ukrainian winter crops as it was accompanied by heavy snowfalls. The height of snow in most regions of Ukraine ranges from 15 to 40 cm – this provides reliable frost protection to crops.

As a reminder, Ukrainian winter cereals are in the best condition in four years. And, since the winter of 2017/18 was quite mild in terms of both temperature and precipitation, loss rates in winter cereals are likely to be low.

Based on the average trend wheat yield in Ukraine in the past few years, we forecast the 2018 wheat crop as high as in the previous three years. Moreover, Ukraine can gather more barley in 2018.

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