Ukraine. TOP-5 companies increasing elevator capacities in 2018 named


In the year 2018, Cargill and M.V. Cargo are the leaders in grain storage construction in Ukraine, informs.

Last year, the M.V. Cargo grain terminal in the seaport of Yuzhny (Odesa region) increased its storage capacity by 210 thou. tons with GSI (USA) silos and a floor storage warehouse with a capacity of 80 thou. tons.

The TOP-5 includes the following companies:

    Cargill and M.V. Cargo — 290 thou. tons (added elevator storage capacities);
    Astarta-Kyiv — 230 thou. tons. Three elevators in Poltava region, namely Yareskovsky (100 thou. tons capacity), Lutovinovsky (100 thou. tons) and Skorokhodovsky (30 thou. tons).
    BT Invest — 116 thou. tons. Four silos with a capacity of 6.5 thou. tons and a 90 thou. tons floor storage warehouse were commissioned;
    Alebor Group — 112.5 thou. tons. In six months, capacities of the three elevators of the company were expanded: Khrystynivske Grain Collecting Station grew by 60 thou. tons to 136 thou. tons,  Voronovytske Grain Collecting Station — by 39 thou. tons to 140 thou. tons, and Chesne Grain Collecting Station — by 16.5 thou. tons to 39 thou. tons;
    Bilyi Kolodyaz — 110 thou. tons (the elevator is equipped with 10 silos of the Italian company FRAME: six tanks with a capacity of 12 thou. tons each and 4 silos of 10 thou. tons each).

In 2018, the total capacity of linear elevators in Ukraine increased by 1 million tons.

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