Ukraine. UDP transfers part of fleet to Slovakian flag


PJSC "Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company" (UDP) is implementing a program to transfer the part of commercial fleet under Slovakian flag, which aims to enter the freight market in direction with Romanian ports. According to Chairman of the Board of UDP, shipping company is working to transfer the fleet, which is in operation, to Slovakian flag, which will avoid restrictions of "the third flag" in ports of Romania. This will enable the fleet to participate in transportation from/to deep-water port of Constanta, which today is one of the main transport hubs in Eastern Europe, reports UkrAgroConsult.

When reflagging the fleet, the company is guided by economic expediency – the fleet which is under flags of non-EU countries has no right to load/unload in ports of Romania (in the port of Constanta prohibition is valid only for loading). At the same time, Romanian fleet is handled without any difficulties in Ukrainian ports.



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