Ukraine. USPA signs two contracts for dredging in Chernomorsk port


Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority (USPA) and China Harbor Engineering Company Ltd. (CHEC) signed two contracts for dredging in the seaport of Chernomorsk. One contract provides works on the approach canal to the port, the second - in waters of Dry Liman, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to signed agreements, dredging of the approach canal to the port up to 16 meters and dredging of water area of the Dry Liman to 15 meters will be carried out in Chernomorsk. Total amount of dredging will reach about 2 million cubic meters. Approximately 500.000 cubic meters of soil will be raised on the approach canal, and almost 1.5 million cubic meters - in the water area.

The cost of the project is UAH 404 million: UAH 87.1 million will be directed to dredging of canal and UAH 317 million – to the water area. The project should be implemented before the end of 2018.



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