Ukraine. Viktor & К launched a soybean processing plant


On November 10, 2017, the private enterprise Viktor & К officially launched a soybean processing plant on the premises of the Svitlovodsk oil extractor in Kirovohrad region, said Viktor & К deputy director-general Maksym Korol.

The plant’s design capacity is 600 MT of soybeans a day. It is projected to produce hydrated soybean oil, deodorized soybean oil (both bulk and PET-bottled), soybean meal (both granulated and non-granulated), and granulated soybean husks.

Noteworthy is that soybean crushing is now a promising sector of agriculture, and many companies invest in the construction of soybean oil and meal plants. In the first half of 2017 alone, three companies announced their intentions to invest in the construction of new facilities. In particular, AdamPolSoja has started building a plant in Khmelnytsky region. The construction of another plant has begun in the same region. The investors – LLC Elevator STORY Invest – say this will be the largest crusher in Europe. The investments will total UAH 1.5 Bl.

Delta Wilmar CIS, a major sunoil producer, has also stated it is going to construct a soybean crusher. The amount to be invested in the project will equal USD 150 Ml. In March 2016, AgroProdService Corporation announced an intention to build a soybean crushing shop with a 40 KMT capacity. The shop will produce soybean cake and unrefined oil. Soybean cake production capacities currently total 1.4 KMT a month.

ViOil Group is considering the possibility of building a new soybean/rapeseed crusher on the premises of the Chernivtsi fat-and-oil plant. Its crushing capacity is to be 1.1 KMT and 1.5 KMT a day, respectively.



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