Ukraine. ViОil aimed at the European market of fats and margarines


The Vinnytsia fat-and-oil plant, which belongs to ViОil Group, produced some 22 KMT of fats and margarines in 2017 that is up one-third from the previous year.

The plant has been focused on the domestic market over the recent years. Most of the demand for margarine products came from the Ukrainian food industry. Apart from cooperating with traditional confectionary producers, the plant has entered the market of spread manufacturers.

Bringing the products to the European market is becoming the top priority for the future. This will entail tougher requirements from buyers.

As a reminder, the European Union introduced new requirements to Ukrainian fat products from March 1, 2018.

ViОil Group believes the issue is to be resolved via a comprehensive approach, and relationship with raw material suppliers becomes part of this approach.

UkrAgroConsult notes since 2012 margarine market began to recover. Ukrainian margarine producers managed to produce 61.5 KMT of the product in the first three months of the year. This is 12.5% more compared to the same period of last year (about 55 KMT). 22.1 KMT of margarine was produced in March 2018 by large and medium enterprises or 17% more compared to February figure of 18.9 KMT and 11.2% more against march 2017.  

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Further prospects of the Black Sea oilseeds/vegoils market will be discussed at the VI International Conference “Black Sea Oil Trade”, which will take place on September 20, 2018 in Hilton hotel, Kiev, Ukraine.



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