Ukraine. Weather adjusting growers’ plans


Safe survival of winter crops leaves little room for spring crops. The planted area of winter crops is larger than last year due to expanded plantings of wheat and rape.

The crop outlook is determined by a multitude of factors, but we would like to single out four of them: margin, finance, technology and, of course, weather.

The decision on spring planting areas is being made now. While the crop’s acreage was previously determined mainly by its marginality, this time the weather adjusted growers’ plans for the pattern of spring plantings, UkrAgroConsult.

This year has already been marked with the latest ever spring planting in Ukraine. Planting is delayed in all of the Black Sea countries. In Ukraine, this delay is one month against last year. 

625 Th ha had been seeded to spring barley by April 13 (39% of its projected area), whereas barley planting was already drawing to an end at the same time last year. This work was 91% complete (1.5 Ml ha) by April 13, 2017.

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