Ukraine. Weather conditions curbing spring fieldwork progress


The weather was mixed on March 1-10. It was mostly cold during the first five days of this period: the average daily air temperature was 4-90С below normal, locally even 10-150С below normal.

Some warmth began setting in on March 9-12, when the average daily air temperature rose to a level typical of the latter half of March. It ranged from -6.20С (in the east) to +9.00С (in the west). The highest air temperature on the warmest days reached +14.60С (Lviv region) and the lowest one was hit -220С at cold nights (Kharkiv, Kirovohrad regions).

Precipitation in the form of sleet and rain occurred almost all over Ukraine, with heavy snowfalls and snowstorms in some areas (Kirovohrad region). It totaled 200 to 535% of normal rates in most regions on March 1-10.

According to the Ag Ministry, 98.6% out of the sown 1009.7 Th ha of winter rape had emerged as of March 15. Still, 56.2% (560.0 Th ha) of its plantings are in good condition. 0.1% (1.0 Th ha) of winter rape was lost, reports UkrAgroConsult.

332.3 Th ha of winter rape (33% of its sown area of 1009.7 Th ha) had already been fertilized as of March 15 against 610 Th ha (70%) at the same time last year.

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