Ukraine. Weather conditions favor planting winter crops and harvesting late grains


On September 21-22, the weather was warm but with a deficit of precipitation. Air temperature dropped sharply on September 23; this was accompanied by rains.

The average daily air temperature on September 21-22 was at 14-21ºС, or 2-6ºС above normal. Then it lowered to 6-12ºС towards the end of the month (4ºС below normal). The air temperature maximum was registered at 25-31ºС on warm days (September 20-22), and its minimum reached 1-9ºС in cold nights (September 24-25). Short-term air frost events (down to 0ºС) were reported in Zhytomyr region. Abundant dew was seen during the evening, night and morning hours.

Rainfall replenished productive topsoil moisture in areas intended for sowing winter grains. Its content had been insufficient before then, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The weather conditions on September 21-28 somewhat suspended autumn field work on some days, but they were generally favorable for further planting of winter grains and harvesting of late crops.

Farmers continue planting winter crops. Germination and emergence of seedlings are observed in previously planted fields.

Planting of winter rape continues; sprouting and leaf rosette formation are underway in previously seeded fields. Soybean crops are at the stage of bean ripening. Their harvest is in progress. Sunflower seed has achieved harvest maturity and farmers continue harvesting it.

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