Ukraine. Weather impact on winter crops conditions


The weather in the northern, central and eastern regions of Ukraine was warmer than usual on February 21-24. Snow cover gradually melted and thinned to 2-25 cm.

Intensive snow melting was seen in the western and southern regions throughout last week. Frozen soil prevents melt waters from soaking into its deeper horizons. This led to flooding of winter crop fields. 2-8 cm-thick tight ice crust is locally observed, which becomes thinner under the impact of above-zero temperatures. Flooding of winter wheat crops at low temperatures (0°C and somewhat higher) for two weeks and longer does not lead to their loss any more.

Winter cereals are still dormant now, reports UkrAgroConsult.

According to test growing of winter cereals sampled by scientists of the Institute of Agriculture of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences from crops that had entered the winter in good condition, viability of winter wheat plants is now at 85-92% with that of winter triticale at 85-95% and winter rye at 92-95%, depending on the cultivar and predecessor.

Owing to the temperature rise in late February, spring fieldwork has started in Ukraine. Fertilization of winter cereals is already under way in 10 regions, where it is complete on an area of 579 Th ha (8% of forecast). The largest fertilized areas of winter cereals are in the regions of Odessa – 241 Th ha (32%), Mykolaiv – 111 Th ha (19%), Kherson – 103 Th ha (19%) and Zaporizhzhia – 69 Th ha (10%).

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