Ukraine. Wheat bran exports record high in 2015/16


In the 2015/16 marketing year Ukrainian exporters shipped abroad about 600 KMT of wheat brans compared with 559 KMT of the previous record set in 2014/15.

Traditionally Turkey remained the main importer of Ukrainian wheat brans. The country imported almost the same volume as last year (485 KMT). Though, Ukrainian exporters managed to increase shipments to Arab and African countries.

According to UkrAgroConsult, In 2015/16 Saudi Arabia was the second largest buyer of Ukrainian wheat bran, increasing purchases by more than 100% (to 31.2 KMT). Israel and Morocco increased imports by nearly 200% (to 26 KMT and 15.6 KMT, respectively).

Egypt reduced purchases for the third consecutive season. In 2015/16 Egypt imported no more than 19 KMT against 23.7 KMT in the 2014/15 season (45 KMT in 2013/14).




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