Ukraine. Winter cereals accumulated enough sugars for fair winter survival


The December 11-20 weather was mostly unstable with minor precipitation in the form of rain, snow and sleet. In winter wheat plantings, soil temperatures at the tillering node depth bottomed out at -3°C in the east; -2°C in the west, -6°C in the south and -1.5°C in the north, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In Kharkiv region, thaw and snowfalls have caused the formation of 8-12 mm-thick ice crust in some areas.

In Eastern Ukraine, analyses of soluble carbohydrate content in tillering nodes of winter cereals indicated quite a high level of their hardiness for the current time: winter wheat plants had this value at 34-39%, winter triticale at 30%, and winter rye at 25%.

According to the same survey conducted in the south, winter wheat tillering nodes contained enough sugars, especially where sown within the optimal time window (39-45%). Late-sown winter wheat had 31-35% of sugars in the tillering node and winter barley had 22-32%. This sugar content enables winter cereals to survive the winter fairly. 

Due to stopped growth and no extreme temperatures, the state of winter crops has not changed over the week.



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