Ukraine. Winter cereals face no threat to their survival


The period of December 21-31 featured a confrontation of warm and cold air masses, which brought about contrast weather: its winter pattern alternated with thaws, reports UkrAgroConsult. Thus, air temperatures at the time varied within a wide range from -110C to +40C. Precipitation amounted to 0-14.5 mm. Height of snow cover in winter crop areas ranged from 0.5 to 4 cm. Winter crops were dormant last week.  

An analysis of sugars in tillering nodes of winter wheat showed quite a high level of them. This particularly concerns fields sown within the optimal time, where the sugar content reaches 39-45%, depending on the predecessor and variety. Late sown plantings have 31-35% of sugars. Winter barley plants contain 22-32% of sugars in their tillering nodes. This sugar content allows winter cereals to fairly survive the winter.

There are no threats to survival of winter cereals at the moment.

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