Ukraine. Winter cereals in best conditions over the last four years


As of early March, winter cereals were in good and fair conditions on 86.7% of total planted area. The lowest share of weak and sparse plantings (0-7%) was seen mainly in western, central and northern regions of Ukraine. In the East and South, the share of sparse planting was larger (16-28%), except for Odessa region (6.7%), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Farmers have started winter crops nutrition almost in all regions of the country. By March 01, 2018 it had been carried out on 1073 Th ha or 15% of the intended 7266 Th ha (6849 Th ha in 2017). Winter wheat nutrition had been carried out on 890 Th ha or 14% of the intended 6291 Th ha (5839 Th ha in 2017), winter barley – on 181 Th ha or 22%, rye – on 2.3 Th ha or 2% of the intended 149 Th ha (165 Th ha).

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