Ukraine. Winter cereals in good and fair condition


Once the average daily air temperature slid toward +5°С and lower and night air temperatures dropped to 0..-4°С, even to -5-7°С in the east and north-east, active growth of winter crops stopped in the northern, central, western and eastern regions. Plant growth in the south was more active owing to higher air temperatures both in the daytime and at night. According to agrometeorological observations, winter crops planted before September 25 (some 30%) were already at the tillering stage as of October 31, which is optimum for dormancy. The stages of emergence, three leaves and tillering were observed in fields seeded in late September and on October 1-10.

Weather forecasts say winter is not expected to set in by the middle of the month, but crop growth will be very slow all over the country, except for the south, as the lack of heat will prevent any dramatic change of the development stage.

Most probably, like over several consecutive years before, almost half acreage of winter crops will enter the winter primarily at the initial stages of plant development.

At present plant condition is mostly good and fair, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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