Ukraine. Winter crops in Kherson region in poorer condition than last year


Cool weather with short-time precipitation events was observed all across the country from December 1-10. Moderate rainfalls and sleet at rates of 4 to 13.2 mm were registered in Kherson region. Up to 1 cm of snow has covered some parts of the region. Winter wheat and winter barley crops are in various conditions depending on the time of planting. The plant development stages range from emergence to tillering. Early-sown crops feature 3-5.3 tillers per plant, while in crops of the optimal sowing period this rate is at 1.5-3.2. Winter barley planted at the best time is at the tillering stage.

Growth and development of winter cereals in Kherson region are much poorer than last year, informs UkrAgroConsult. Above-ground plant biomass of winter wheat and winter barley is 1.3-1.9 times smaller than usual due to lower temperatures in October. In addition, significant swings were registered between night and daytime temperatures.

At the same time, analysis of sugars in the tillering nodes revealed their quite high content: 39-45% in plants of the optimal sowing period and 31-35% in late-sown crops. The percentage also depends on the predecessor and variety. The tillering nodes of winter barley have accumulated 22-32% of sugars. This sugar content allows cereal plants to fairly survive the winter.

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