Ukraine. Winter crops need more warmth


According to observations winter wheat, sown by October, 10 emerged unevenly for the 15-17 day after the sowing. Thus, there is a possibility that warmth will not be enough for winter crops and vegetation will stop in the poorly developed condition “emergence – 3 leaves”, reports UkrAgroConsult. Last year winter crops stopped to vegetate on December, 29.

As of October, 27 early sown winter crops (by September, 1) winter crops developed 4-5 leaves or entered tillering stage. By September, 10 3-4 leaves, by September, 20 - 2-3 leaves, by October, 1 – “pricker” phase. Later sown plants did not emerge.

Currently, weather conditions are not favorable for emergence and winter crops vegetation, which is defined by the low air temperature regime.

According to UkrAgroConsult, if the weather remains cold early in November there is high possibility that later sown plants will not receive the required amount of warmth and will enter winter in the poorly developed condition.

So far, winter grain crops condition is good and satisfactory. Phytosanitary condition of winter crops is satisfactory.

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