Ukraine. Winter crops resumed growth 15 days earlier


Warmer-than-usual weather in Ukraine in late February and early March has triggered the resumption of plant growth in winter crops that is 15-18 days ahead of usual time.

Almost all the water that long stayed in field depressions is gone now. Plants were waterlogged for 8 to 39 days that may increase the crop loss area. It is only now that experts are determining crop condition in these places because it was impossible to count lost crop areas before. According to surveys, winter wheat plantings not exposed to long waterlogging have suffered no considerable losses – just 3-7% of plants.

The spring growth resumption is also evidenced by the appearance of 2-35 mm-long new nodal rootlets and a gain in growing points. The positive signs of early spring growth renewal include rapid regeneration of plants and an accelerated increase in their size, effective establishment and tillering, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter wheat plants are at the tillering stage. Their growing point’s length is 0.24-0.28 mm, depending on the cultivar, with a tillering coefficient of 1.1-1.2.

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