Ukraine. Winter crops sowing delays due to the lack of soil moisture


Productive precipitations were absent in the major part of the country, reports UkrAgroConsult. Only in Volin, Ivano-Frankovsk and Lvov regions their quantity varied from 17 to 64% of the 10-day norm (3-16 mm), in Transcarpathia region - 159% (35 mm). As a consequence of high temperatures and lack of rains, conditions for soil moisture accumulation were close to critical. Soil drought was spreading and deepening. This led to delay in winter grain crops sowing.

In the major part of Kherson region effective precipitations had been absent over 50-55 days. Productive soil moisture in the winter wheat and barley fields in the major part of the region were no higher than 1-6 mm. Optimal sowing terms for winter wheat after non-fallow forecrops in the Southern regions have already begun. But, due to the lack of moisture in the seeding layer, major part of the farms haven`t started wheat sowing yet. Optimal terms in the North-East of Forest Steppe zone are September, 10-20. In the 0-20 cm soil layer moisture stocks were 7-8 mm, which is unsatisfactory. Such content causes problem for the germination of winter wheat at the early stages in this area.

According to UkrAgroConsult, as of September, 8 productive moisture stocks in the topsoil of the Eastern part of the country varied within 12-18 mm (multiyear averages - 13-21 mm), in the Eastern and South-Western parts of Kharkov region they were no higher than 5-10 mm and only in some places of the Northern regions they reached 24-26 mm.

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