Ukraine. Winter rape 92.6% emerged


Unstable weather with insignificant precipitation (rain, snow, sleet) dominated the country from December 11-20, reports UkrAgroConsult. The average daily air temperature ranged from -8.40C to -0.40C that is 2.50C below normal. In the east of the country, air temperatures peaked at +3-40C in the daytime and bottomed out at -15-190C at night. Precipitation rates varied from 2 to 25 mm. Snow cover was seen almost all over Ukraine. Its height varied from 1 to 6 cm. Snow has thickened and almost vanished in Zhytomyr region. Towards December 20, the soil was frozen to a depth of 12-29 cm in the east, 5-6 cm in the west, 13-25 cm in the south and 6-10 cm in the north.

Due to stopped growth and no extreme temperatures, winter crop condition has not changed over the week.



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