Ukraine. Winter rape is at the stages of budding and flowering


Much warmer than usual, sunny, dry weather prevailed during most of April 11-20 in Ukraine. It was only in the last days (April 17-19) that air temperatures slightly decreased and rain showers occurred, locally accompanied by hail in the west, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The average daily air temperature varied within +10.8-17.80С, i.e. 2.4-10.80С above normal. The highest daytime air temperatures reached +17-260С, while the ground surface warmed to +26-420С (up to +35-470С in the south). The lowest air temperature in the coldest nights dropped to +1.00С in the east, +2.50С in the east, and stayed within +3-110С in the western, central and southern regions.

The absence of productive precipitation in the southern regions over the last two weeks entailed soil moisture losses and the formation of a peculiar kind of surface crust up to 40-50 mm thick in spots.

Winter rape is at the stages of budding and flowering. With part of its plantings being underdeveloped since the fall and damaged by February and early March frost events, the share of lost plants equals 0.6%. Weak rape plantings may continue getting sparser in the future, especially after hot weather sets in in late April and May.

According to the Ag Ministry, winter rape had emerged on 99.1% of its planted area of 1009.9 Th ha by April 19. Still, 57.1% (570.9 Th ha) of its plantings are in good condition, and only 0.6% (6 Th ha) of rape crops had been lost.

Farmers had fertilized 948.9 Th ha of winter rape (i.e. 94% of its planted area) by April 20.

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