Ukraine. Winter rapeseed condition


Last week the weather was cloudy with decrease in average air temperature. Daily temperature fluctuated within +3 -6°С, which was 1.3-6°С lower than the norm. Minimum air temperature lowered to  -3°С (Kherson region). In most regions rains were observed and distributed unevenly across the country, reports UkrAgroConsult.

There were no rains in Kiev region, but since the beginning of October they amounted to 75.2 mm, which exceeds the 2 months norm. On October, 8 heavy rains were seen in Kherson region. In Lvov region they amounted to 5.6 mm. Thus, soil moisture stocks are quite high.

In Forest Steppe and Polesye zones winter rapeseed sowing area was increased by 15% and 30%, respectively. In the Steppe zone they were lowered by 8% due to the drought. Due to the lack of soil moisture timely and quality seedlings emerged only at 50-60% of the area. At the rest of the sown area seedlings emerged after rains early in October, which poses threat of insufficient development and high winterkill level.

According to UkrAgroConsult, in the regions where winter rapeseed emerged timely, plants formed rosette with 6-8 leaves and have 0.6-1 cm root collar. Phytosanitary condition of winter crops is satisfactory.

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