Ukraine. Winter rapeseed is dormant


Cool weather with minor precipitation was observed all across the country from December 1-10. Air temperatures rose to +2°C in the daytime, up to + 4-7°C in the south, and dropped to 0..-15°C at night. These low night temperatures froze the soil to a depth of 13-17 cm in some areas. However, in most regions the soil freeze depth was at most 2-4 cm. At cold nights, soil temperatures at the tillering node depth in winter crops dropped briefly to a low of -2°C, whereas the winterkill temperature is -14 ..-17°C.

Precipitation of various intensities (2 mm to 37 mm) in the form of rain and sleet was observed in almost all parts of the country. Winter crops are covered with a snow layer varying from 1-7 cm in the east to 18-24 cm in the west of the country.

Winter rape has developed 2 to 14 leaves per plant, depending on the sowing time, reports UkrAgroConsult. The reserves of productive soil moisture are high: topsoil (0-20 cm) contains 64.4-67.3 mm and the one-meter layer has accumulated 315.2-328.2 mm. Winter crops are dormant now.

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