Ukraine’s mayonnaise production down 24% in May


In May 2017, the seasonal factor manifested its impact on Ukraine’s mayonnaise market that entailed a decline in this product’s output to 9.1 KMT, or down 24% from last month (12 KMT) and down 4% from May 2016 (9.5 KMT). In total, 49.2 KMT of mayonnaise was made in January-May 2017. This volume is also lower than at the same time last year. However, the year-on-year decrease in mayonnaise production did shrink to 4%, while its output exceeded the 2015 low of 49 KMT.

As a reminder, UkrAgroConsult estimates that this year’s mayonnaise output will be at least 120-125 KMT.



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