Ukrainian agricultural exports to the European Union increased 37%


Exports of Ukrainian agricultural products to European countries totaled $5.8 Bl in 2017 that is up 37.1% from 2016, the Ag Ministry reports.

The Ukrainian commodities supplied to the EU market in 2017 included mostly cereals - $1.7 Bl, vegetable oil - $1.4 Bl and oilseeds - $1.1 Bl., reports UkrAgroConsult.

In addition, the rise in Ukrainian exports to EU countries resulted from higher supplies of niche food products, both processed and finished ones. In particular, Ukrainian exports of poultry meat increased by $64.9 Ml against 2016 to $133.7 Ml, flour and groat products by $32.4 Ml to $96.1 Ml, juices by $28.3 Ml ($70.7 Ml), honey by $25.5 Ml ($98.8 Ml) and confectionary items by $15.4 Ml ($38.2 Ml).

The top five list of Ukraine’s trade partners in the EU includes the Netherlands with an 18% share, Spain with 14.3%, Poland with 13.2%, Italy with 12% and Germany with 10.5%.



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